African American

4 Our Sons

Set to the irrepressible visual rhythms of NYC, the film "4 Our Sons" follows the plight of newly born--and even unborn--young Black men in America....

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5 Sides of a Coin

Exploding the myth that Hip-Hop is merely 'rap music,' "5 Sides of a Coin" is an overview of the worldwide phenomenon of Hip-Hop.

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American Pimp

Driven by their fascination with the cultural enigma of the black urban pimp from such vintage Blaxploitation movies as THE MACK, the Hughes...

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Ben Harper: Pleasure + Pain

"Pleasure & Pain" is an intriguing and in-depth look at the life that is lived by contemporary roots rock icon Ben Harper. This documentary offers...

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Black Picket Fence

Black Picket Fence is director Sergio Goes' poignant portrait of the bleak realities of life in the public housing projects of Brooklyn's East...

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Bury the Hatchet

BURY THE HATCHET features three Mardi Gras Indian Chiefs in a dynamic and intimate portrait of the unique, endangered and often hidden New Orleans...

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The Execution of Wanda Jean

THE EXECUTION OF WANDA JEAN chronicles the last three months of Wanda Jean Allen's life, which culminated in her death by lethal injection on...

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Frankie 13 VS the World

At 4 years old, Frankie 13 was the youngest child ever to read and write in the State of Pennsylvania. He was considered a genius.

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Give a Damn Again

In 1962, sixteen children from Harlem were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. GIVE A DAMN AGAIN goes back to find out what became...

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How to Prepare for Prison

The high-stakes, dramatic stories of families as they prepare for possible prison.

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Shooting for Home

Exiled from his racially-charged Florida town, African American basketball star Kevin Bradshaw finds redemption thousands of miles from home...

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Sister Wife

In 1969, weary of the harsh way of life in the U.S. ghettos and motivated by a sense of lack of origin, a number of African-Americans moved to......

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