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7TH ART has been releasing award-winning documentaries, dramas, and comedies on Jewish themes, history, culture and issues for almost 20 years. Our films have received nominations for Oscars® (winning one), Emmys, and have won many major festival awards.

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Aliyah Dada

Aliyah Dada uses the avant-garde style to bring the rich and tragic history of Jews in Romania to life, culminating in a new Jewish renaissance. ...

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Body and Soul: An American Bridge

The most recorded song in jazz reveals the overwhelming influences, collaborations, and conflicts between Blacks and Jews in American music....

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Breakfast at Ina's

Ina Pinkney is a Chicago legend of the tastiest kind. Known around town as the “Breakfast Queen”, she has been feeding Chicagoans for the...

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Destination Unknown

They survived but could they be free?

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Finding Babel

Isaac Babel's writings are subversive masterpieces, challenging the ideology of the early Soviet Union, and resulting in his arrest and execution...

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Freedom Runners

A heroic teacher fights for social justice for refugees at a time when the plight of refugees worldwide has never been of greater importance....

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Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown

He's been called an idiot, a monkey, and a comic genius. Find out who the man behind the clown really is.

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The Last Blintz

An iconic Manhattan eatery is about to close its doors forever. Is "progress" worth the loss of our cherished landmarks & sense of community?...

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The Milk Trial

Based on a true story, a young Jewish girl living in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco gives birth to a baby from her forbidden love.

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Monsieur Mayonnaise

An epic adventure starring artists, werewolves, heroes, Nazis, a comic book & baguettes ….with lashings of French mayonnaise!

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There Are Jews Here

The untold stories of four once thriving American Jewish communities that are now barely holding on.

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Saving Nur

She risks everything in order to save her daughter's life.

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The Silenced Walls

15 minutes away from Paris’ city center hidden in plain sight and untouched by time: the Drancy internment camp is now public housing.

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Time to Say Goodbye

Lovesick Simon faces manhood, first love, and other pubescent disasters in this laugh-out-loud comedy.

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A Wing and a Prayer

The little-known story of WWII aviators who risked their lives and U.S. citizenships in 1948 to prevent what they viewed as a second Holocaust......

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The Jewish Experience

Why us?
7TH ART has been releasing award-winning documentaries, dramas, and comedies on Jewish themes for 20 years. See all of our films here.

Who we work with?
Film Festivals, JCCs, Synagogues, Jewish Museums, Universities and other Institutions and organizations. Click here for our FAQ with more information on screening our films.

Our films have screened to audiences worldwide and have been nominated for multiple Oscars®, Emmys® and major festival awards.

Our catalog for films on Jewish culture, themes, and history is available here.

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