4 Our Sons

African American, American Culture, Marriage and Parenting
Vans Chapman and Eric McKay
60 minutes


Set to the irrepressible visual rhythms of NYC, the film "4 Our Sons" follows the plight of newly born--and even unborn--young Black men in America. One out of every three mostly fatherless Black sons born in this decade will end up in prison. This film seeks to stem that flow. "4 Our Sons" tells the story of Black men from different walks of life, men who have 'been through the fire' of growing up Black and male in the oftentimes hostile environment of the inner city; through strength and perseverance, they must build their own versions of the American dream. The documentary is a 'cinematic broadcast' of life lessons and love for the many fatherless black boys in the US who are in danger of becoming a statistic.

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