Almost Normal

Sexuality, LGBT, Fiction, American Culture, Drama
Marc Moody
90 minutes


* Best of Fest Award - GLBT Division Breckenridge Film Festival
*Audience Choice Award Breckenridge Film Festival
*Best Ensemble Acting Breckenridge Film Festival
*Best Filmmaker Honolulu Rainbow Festival


Brad Jenkins is gay, just turned 40 and is still single. He's depressed. Reminiscing, Brad confides to his best friend since high school, Julie, that he wishes he could just be normal. Maybe then he could have scored with the hottest jock at his school, Roland Davis. Suddenly taken back in time, Brad wakes up and finds himself back in high school in a world which is now gay. To be straight is considered deviant behavior.

Meeting Roland Davis this time, the two become the hottest couple at school. But then something else happens to Brad. He runs into Julie. When suddenly normal becomes... Well, Almost Normal.



Marc Moody

Marc Moody is an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter. His awards include the Hollis Parry Fine Arts award for the film, "Victor, the wild child of Averyon: The Musical!" First place winner at Apple Avid Cinema Film contest for his film"Out There". As a screenwriter, he was winner of the Lee Rich/Warner Bros. International Screenwriting competition and 1st place winner at the Institute for Motion Picture Development International Screenwriting contest. Most recently, Marc won the Phred Love (Outstanding Filmmaker) award for "Almost Normal" at the 2005 Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival.


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