Blue and White in Red Square

Elan Frank
60 minutes


In July 1998, one thousand young musicians representing 11 youth philharmonic orchestras from around the world gathered to form the "Orchestra of the World." Under the baton of Russian maestro Valerie Gergeyev, the youth, representing East and West, friend and foe, offered stirring renditions of Mussorgsky and Tchaikowsky to a worldwide television audience. For the teens this was a once-in-a lifetime night to remember. Among the performers were the members of the Young Israeli Philharmonic, many of whom where born in the former Soviet Union. Israeli-born filmmaker Elan Frank draws us into the stories and insights of young Israeli-Russian musicians, most of whom are returning to the land of their birth for the first time.


Elan Frank

Elan Frank is a Director/Producer who resides and works in Los Angeles. Mr. Frank graduated with honors from Film and Television School and Theater Arts School at San Francisco State University in 1991. He is a Major in the Israeli Air Force and decorated pilot as well as Flight Instructor. He recently produced a segment on a TV pilot, "Extreme Heroes", for the Fox Family Channel, where he is the feature leader of a modern-day air rescue of 22 fellow soldiers under fire from enemy territory. That mission earned him the distinguished Medal of Honor during the Lebanese War.

Among other notable works, he recently directed wrote and produced the much-acclaimed "Blue and White in Red Square." From Israel to Moscow, Director Elan Frank tells the story of 11 national youth orchestras who formed the "Orchestra of the World" in Moscow's famous Red Square. He demonstrates his vast ability to film scenes portraying sensitive issues in this 60-minute documentary.


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