Favorite Son

Drama, American Culture, Fiction, Marriage and Parenting
Howard Libov
90 minutes



Loner DAVID PAXTON (Pablo Schreiber, THE WIRE) returns to his small hometown only to become obsessed with his childhood friend JOAN (Kellie Overbey) and her troubled teenage son, ROSS (Connor Paolo, GOSSIP GIRL), seeing them as his last chance for a perfect life. Joan quickly rejects David, but he breaks through Ross's volatile, destructive nature and forms an unlikely friendship with the boy, in turn making himself the object of the town's suspicion and condemnation.

Driven over the edge, David begins a dangerous descent as he targets town patriarch BILL HUSTON (Richard Bekins), the man who stands between him and Ross, David' s actions put him on a crash course that can only end in a violent confrontation that threatens to explode in the revelation of a dark secret and the realization that David just may be the town's unexpected hero.


Howard Libov

Howard Libov teaches film at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s College at Florham. His career as a director includes his feature film, Favorite Son (2010) which has played in film festivals nationwide, and received a theatrical release at Chicago’s Facets Cinemateque. It won Best Director for Libov, and Best Cinematographer during its festival run, and was awarded Best Theatrical Feature at Houston’s Worldfest.

Libov’s previous film Under the Radar episode, Fourteen Stations, profiled artist Arie Galles, who set out to draw a suite of sketches he thought would take him a year to complete. A decade later “Fourteen Stations” chronicled aerial shots taken by the Luftwaffe in a series of charcoal drawings. Libov’s film chronicled the personal and artistic sacrifices made by the artist in pursuing his goal. Fourteen Stations is in distribution with The Cinema Guild.


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