Frankie 13 VS the World

Sports & Competition, American Culture, Short Film, African American
Douglas Shaffer and James Eowan
23 minutes


*Best Documentary Short Indianapolis Film Festival



At 4 years old, Frankie 13 was the youngest child ever to read and write in the State of Pennsylvania. He was considered a genius. Celebrities bestowed awards upon him for his poems and speeches. Now, twenty years later, he just hasn't been able to live up to the hype. So, at 26, Andre "Frankie 13" Bennett has decided to take on the World Rock Paper Scissors Championship.


Douglas Shaffer

Doug spent his early years managing marketing for Bosch and Black & Decker while simultaneously pursuing filmmaking. During his tenure with Bosch Doug shot music videos for local bands and directed documentaries. Realizing film was his future, he moved to Los Angeles to make movies full time. There he met James, and they set out to better understand the Rock Paper Scissors subculture. Doug has produced countless short films in addition to winning the Hollywood Foreign Press Scholarship Award for producing.

James Eowan

After graduating from UCSB, James worked for Seventh Art Releasing where, among other things, he helped shepherd the documentary WORD WARS to completion and developed Oscar® campaigns for films including the Oscar-nominated BALSEROS: CUBAN RAFTERS. In 2005, James met Doug Shaffer and they started talking about documentaries. James and Doug realized that they had an opportunity to make a documentary about a subject so poorly understood (practically heretofore unknown), that CNN's Jack Cafferty called its devotees "morons." James hopes this film will reach and enlighten Mr. Cafferty.


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