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Freedom Runners

Sports & Competition, Israel, Jewish Film, Jewish Highlights, Middle East, Africa, Immigration
David Wachsmann
50 minutes


Release year: 2016
Country of Origin: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Genre: documentary


Official Selections
Woodstock Film Festival
Maine Jewish Film Festival
Memphis Jewish Film Festival
Seattle Jewish Film Festival
East Bay Int'l Jewish Film Festival
Boulder Jewish Film Festival

Brilliant! Freedom Runners can be both a warning and a guide. -Jew School



"We are coming to competitions and all the eyes are on us
because we are the best, not because the boys and girls are different.''
-Rotem Genossar

Rotem Genossar, a teacher at the Bialik-Rogozin campus in south Tel Aviv, founds a running group for his students, young African refugees whose families fled their homeland and now live in Israel without any legal status. At first running is just a social activity for the students, but it quickly becomes a means to fight for their civil rights, part of a struggle to secure them a place of their own, out of the margins of Israeli society.


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