LGBT, Jewish Film, Israel
Netalie Braun
16 minutes


Gevald was born out of a sense of urgency as the queer community in Jerusalem faced real and serious threats. It was a spontaneous initiative by members of the queer community from within the film industry as well as outside of it, who volunteered to create together a no-budget film and express the voices of protest to the infuriating homophobic attitude towards them. The whole film was made by members of the local community, on both sides of the camera. The story is based on real figures and the participants are non-actors. This is the first queer community based film ever made in Israel-Palestine.


Netalie Braun

Netalie Braun is a director of fiction and documentary films, a writer, a lecturer in film schools and the artistic co-director of the international women’s film festival in Israel. She has a BA in Literature and Philosophy and a MA in Film studies from Tel-Aviv University.


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