HAG: The Story of the Hasidic Actors' Guild

Jewish Film, History, Film & Film History
Yisrael "Izzi" Lifschutz
93 minutes


"...entertaining and imaginative...expressing some very beautiful core Jewish beliefs...there are parts that are riveting, some hilarious...the film goes from the serious to the shtik and the very funny in a seamless montage".
-Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein, Chabad of Farmington Hills

"I just experienced 90 minutes of sheer joy. Even your 'failures' were spectacular". -Avraham Rosenblum, Diaspora Yeshiva Band


"Pay Us for Payos" is a serio-comic hybrid of fact and fiction chronicling the life of Yisrael "Izzi" Lifschutz. He has acted in and/or consulted on such Hollywood films as The Chosen, Stranger Among Us and the independent classic Pi (which he also co-produced). This outrageously funny mockumentary is a survey of Jewish visibility in cinema and fictionalized history replete with archival "behind the scenes" footage, interviews, and staged scenes . It also goes beyond its humor to speak to contemporary Jewish experience. Lifshutz, while "HAGing" the spotlight boasts,

"I'm so animated [an actor] they call me the kosher ham!"


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