Leaving the Fold

American Culture, Jewish Film, Religion, Marriage and Parenting
Eric R. Scott
52 minutes


Best Documentary & Complex Identities Award Religion Today Int'l Film Festival
*Official Selection Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival
*Official Selection Montreal World Film Festival

"An extraordinary documentary which fully exploits the expressive possibilities of story-telling through images." -Religion Today



LEAVING THE FOLD is a documentary film, which tells the story of five young people born and raised within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world who no longer wish to remain on the inside. As children they grew up in a closed society where deviation from the rules of conduct is often punishable by ostracism, intimidation or worse. As young adults they pay a steep price for abandoning their parents and community to seek the freedom to make their own choices.

From the Hasidic enclaves of Montreal, Brooklyn and Jerusalem come stories of conflict, coercion and struggle. Tinged with pain and unexpected humor, Leaving the Fold documents the process by which our five heroes emerged from a strictly controlled society into a baffling secular world of endless choices: What should I wear? What shall I become? Who will I marry? Once everything was decided for them. Now they must decide for themselves. But the answers don't always come easily.



Eric R. Scott

Eric Scott has been working in television and documentary film production since the early 1980s. Je me souviens was completed in 2001 and is a controversial documentary about anti-Semitism and extreme right wing nationalism in Quebec during the 1930s and early 1940s. In 2004, Scott completed The Other Zionists, a documentary about the women of Checkpoint Watch, an organization of Israeli women who defend the human rights of Palestinians crossing Israeli military checkpoints. After broadcasts in Canada and overseas on international TV5 network, the film was purchased and aired by RTÃ, Ireland's national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the US DOC Channel and Spain's Odesia network. Leaving the Fold is his third film.


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