Jewish Film, History, Israel, Middle East, War, World Affairs
Avi Nesher
46 minutes


*Official Selection Jerusalem film Festival
*Official Selection Hot Docs Film Festival
*Magnolia Award SHANGHAI TV Festival


In the aftermath of the collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations at Camp David in 2000, Avi Nesher filmed a series of conversations with Israeli and Palestinian politicians concerning the dark core of the conflict. Simultaneously Nesher documented with his cinematographer David Gurfinkel the Russian-Israeli belly dancer Elina Pechersky during her preparations for an ambitious performance together with five Palestinian-Israeli musicians. Nesher weaves the two strands into one cinematic narrative, juxtaposing history and mythology, reality and imagination, questioning the unbearable communication failure between the "major" and the "minor" conflicts between Palestinian and Israeli cultures.



Avi Nesher

Avi Nesher spent much of his adolescence in New York, leaving Columbia University to return to Israel, his homeland, and serve in the Special Forces branch of the Israeli army and later on in a military intelligence unit. Following four years of military service and two wars, he returned to his true love that endured through it all cinema. His very first movie "The Troupe" he made when he was 23 years old, it is still the highest grossing Israeli movie ever. A year later he wrote and directed yet another Israeli classic "Dizengoff 99". In 2001, his next film "Rage and Glory" was selected by the Film Society of Lincoln Center for their retrospective of the most important films in fifty years of Israeli cinema.

In 1990 Nesher wrote and directed the sci-fi mystery "Timebomb" for MGM (produced by Rafaella De Laurentiis) and the sensual supernatural mystery "Doppelganger" for 20th Century Fox, starring Drew Barrymore. The success of "Doppelganger" created a strategic alliance between Avi Nesher and Buena Vista International, which led to the production of several witty tongue-in-cheek action movies ("Automatic", "Mercenary", "Savage", "Acts of Betrayal" and others) most of which premiered on HBO. These movies were both well received critically and highly profitable.

Nesher's next films included; "The Taxman", "The Point Men", "Ritual", "I Walked with a Zombie", "The End of the World" and "Oriental".


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