American Culture, Short Film, Jewish Film
Collin Kornfeind
12 minutes



Batman, Homer Simpson, a New York Yankees logo – you’re likely to see any of these logos on the yarmulke of a Jewish boy in modern Jewish communities today. "Reverence" dissects the meaning and context behind branded kippahs and the concept of faith in a modern world while exploring the societal and religious norms that these garments may challenge, focusing on the notion of "fitting in" and "standing out" within the Reform and Conservative Jewish communities.



Collin Kornfeind is a filmmaker born and raised in Allentown, PA currently living in New York City. A summa-cum-laude film studies and production graduate from Hofstra University, Collin has won multiple festival awards around the country for his self-produced short films, "Doorman", "The Silk Street Gang" and "With a 'X' and an 'O'". Collin currently works as a producer and editor for Major League Baseball in New York City.

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