Saving Nur

Marriage and Parenting, Jewish Film, Middle East, Israel, Health, Jewish Highlights, Women
Nili Tal
70 minutes


Release year: 2016
Country of Origin: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Genre: documentary


Official Selection
Doc Aviv Film Festival
New York Jewish Film Festival
AICE Film Festival (Australia)

'I Wanted to Make a Left-wing Movie, but Ended Up Showing How Wonderful We Are' - Nili Tal interviewed in Haaretz



Afflicted with a rare genetic disease, nine-year-old Nur has only one chance of survival: crossing the border from Gaza into Israel, where doctors are capable of performing a liver transplant. Meanwhile, her Palestinian parents Ibrahim and Maha are fighting resolutely for the life of their daughter while their family struggles back in Gaza. Director Nili Tal (Ukraine Brides, Etched in My Body, Sixty and the City) takes us on Nur’s journey across borders and shows us the transformative power of humanity and hope.



Nili Tal is a well known Israeli documentary film director and producer. All her films were commissioned by Israeli broadcasters. Many of them have participated in international documentary film festivals and have been distributed to European broadcasters.

Tal started her career as a journalist in Ha'aretz, a prestigious newspaper enjoying in Israel a reputation comparable to the reputation NY Times, Le Monde and Washington Post enjoy in their country.

She has produced important films about trafficking of women from the former Soviet Union to Israel, trafficking of kidneys, trafficking of drugs, murder of women by their husbands and boyfriends, etc.

Tal continues her journalistic work today as a writer and as a TV reporter. She also distributes foreign films in art theaters in Israel.

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