Six Days in June

Jewish Film
Ilan Ziv
105 minutes


"Ziv generates the tension of a first-rate thriller...." - Joe Leydon, VARIETY

"[F]requently absorbing and almost always thought provoking." - George Robinson, THE JEWISH WEEK

"[An] intricate, propulsive The Battle of Algiers a run for its money." - Mark Holcomb, Time Out

Intro of Six Days


Although the fighting lasted only six days in June of 1967, the effects of the Six Day War are still apparent today. On its 40th anniversary, the region remains trapped in conflict and is every bit as explosive as it was then. The consequences of the war, born out of secular nationalist dreams, unleashed religious conflicts which permeated the region and the world; the Six Day War has forever changed the politics of the Middle East by helping to destroy the secular basis of Pan-Arab nationalism and transform secular Zionism. It gave rise to a Palestinian nationalist movement and helped unleash the fury of fundamentalism. SIX DAYS covers the weeks that preceded the war, its six days of fighting and the repercussions.



Ilan Ziv

Ilan Ziv was born in Israel in 1950 and came to the United States after fighting in the Yom Kippur (The October) War in 1973. Ilan Ziv is a graduate of New York University film school, and in 1978 he co-produced New York's first Middle East Film Festival. That same year he founded Icarus Films, an educational film distribution company, which he left in 1980 in order devote himself to making documentary films, and since then he has directed dozens of documentaries dealing broadly with issues of human rights, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and investigations of contemporary history.


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