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The Kingdom of Survival

Politics, Spirituality, World Affairs, Civil Rights
M.A. Littler
94 minutes


*World Premiere Montreal World Film Festival
*Official Selection International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam



The Kingdom of Survival explores modern skepticism in America, challenges the status quo and uncovers provocative links between survivalist philosophy, ecumenical spirituality, radical political theory, and outlaw culture. The audience is invited into a thoughtful conversation with the likes of Prof. Noam Chomsky, Dr. Mark Mirabello, Ramsey Kanaan, and the riveting final interview with beloved author, Joe Bageant. These unique thought leaders cast a rare shadow of doubt over our most blindly accepted American traditions.

By framing this journey in a cross-country travelogue, maverick writer and director M.A. Littler connects art, religion, academia, alternative media, utopianism, anarchism, globalized capitalism and radical fringe philosophy in an elegant American tapestry. The transformative visual execution of the cinematography acts as a lingering contextual reminder of the events that shaped the featured philosophies. By remaining observantly agnostic to the subjects, the film is able to honestly investigate the physical and psychological practices of diverse individuals in a conflict-ridden and confused post-modern world. In a time of brainwashing corporate and political propaganda, The Kingdom of Survival reunites us with the life-changing spirit of the outlaw highway.

"We have to go within, man. We have to go within and find something that brings joy to our souls." -Will "The Bull" Taylor



M.A. Littler

M.A. Littler is a maverick writer and filmmaker. Littler's films have been described as a strange cocktail of European auteur cinema, intellectualism and Rock 'n' Roll paired with an idiosyncratic sense of melancholy. Littler's films and writing merge the intellectual and the primitive and display an unhidden affinity for outsiders of all kinds. When asked about this, Littler says: "I'm interested in people who dance to their own beat, prototypes who fix their radio with a blow torch.


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