The Last Western

American Culture, American History, Film & Film History
Chris Deaux
65 minutes


*Official Selection SXSW Film Festival
*Official Selection IFP
*Official Selection Philadelphia International Film Festival

"Filmmaker Chris Deaux rides tall with "The Last Western," an affectionately melancholy portrait of eccentrics, misfits and other fringe dwellers. Exceptionally well-lensed docu." -Variety

"Quiet, well-shot, and enjoyably melancholy. The Last Western is a smoothly paced and compelling affair."

"The Last Western is filled with colorful characters ... and breathes life into a town that is truly one of Hollywood's forgotten gems." - Solomon Jones, Philadelphia Weekly

Amusing, insightful and wonderfully entertaining... The Last Western hits pay dirt! -Gerri Garner, American Radio Network


Welcome to Pioneertown, California - a dusty outpost perched on the edge of the Mojave Desert in the shadow of Los Angeles. Built in 1946 by Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, the town would go on to serve as the backdrop for some of Hollywood's last B-Westerns and television serials, including "The Cisco Kid," "Buffalo Bill Jr." and Gene Autry's final film, "The Last of the Pony Riders." The town's time in the spotlight would be short lived, however, and by the mid-1950's Pioneertown sat forgotten and decaying in the desert sun. A virtual ghost town, Pioneertown became a hangout for motorcycle gangs, dope dealers and desert rats. A few of the hearty drifters stayed on and moved into the decaying old west storefronts, creating a surreal 21st Century version of Hollywood's 1950's version of the Wild West: real cowboys, outlaws and desert drifters surviving in the crumbling film sets of near forgotten B-Western movies. THE LAST WESTERN chronicles the bygone era of the B-Western and the colorful citizens of Pioneertown who thrive on the town's Wild West past and celebrate the remarkable freedom afforded by living life outside the lines in Hollywood's version of America's last, great Western town.



Chris Deaux

Chris Deaux has spent the past decade executive producing, directing, creating and selling a wide variety of reality-based television programs to numerous broadcast, cable and syndicated outlets.

In addition to running DeauxBoy Productions, Deaux partnered to launch a new company, Paradox Television, which is focused specifically on the development and production of reality television programming. Prior to launching Paradox, Deaux was employed with Banyan Productions for eight years, most recently serving as the company's West Coast Director of Development in charge of generating, producing, directing, packaging and selling original programming to a wide array of cable, broadcast and syndication clients.

During his tenure with Banyan, Deaux created and developed series for Oxygen, TLC, Discovery, Spike!, AMC and Columbia-Tri-Star. Additionally, he has served as Producer/Director on several high profile documentary projects, as well as handled the responsibilities of Post- Production Supervisor, overseeing post-production on more than a dozen, reality-based series.

Deaux is the Series Co-Creator of the nationally syndicated hit series Ambush Makeover which premiered on Fox in June 2003 and Design Invasion, a companion series which debuted in May 2004. He is also the Series Creator and Executive Producer of 48 Hour Wedding which premiered on PAX TV in March 2003. Deaux has Co-Created several international formats including 48 Hour Wedding, Movie Wars and Lucky Day that have been distributed around the world by Sony International.


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