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Wings of Change

Israel, Environment, Jewish Film, Middle East
Tuvi Arbel
53 minutes


Official Selection Hot Springs Doc Film Festival


A documentary about Mr. Birdman AKA Professor Yossi Leshem, a lightly religious, authoritative man with a rugged Israeli charm and the persuasion skills of a salesman. Today, he is the primary defender of Israeli nature and virtually the only groundbreaker in the talks with Palestinians and Jordanians, while negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are stuck. Prof. Leshem is waging an uncompromising battle for coexistence between the parties with the aid of barn owls as exterminators in the fields.



Tuvi Arbel started his media career as a field correspondent for TV Channel 1 and went on to complete a Masters degree in cinema and television in New York.

On his return to Israel, Tuvi worked as senior producer and director of Educational Television and Director of Programming for the Israeli Cable Industry for several years.

For over 18 years, Tuvi has been producing films in Israel for Canadian, American and German television, as well as giving content and production services to crews producing for PBS, ZDF, Arte and CBC. In addition, he has produced and directed films for National Geographic that have been broadcast in over 100 countries. Tuvi has produced many documentaries, corporate films and television programs. The docu "Home sweet home" which Tuvi produced, won an award of merit in the American Short Film competition in 2011.


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